In February, GE/ Alston 6MW offshore wind power bearing order was officially launched into the international offshore wind power market


In January, the testing center received the National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (CNAS)
June bearing installed in Changsha Metro subway line two West extension line, marking the company officially entered the city rail transit field


In July, a post doctoral research workstation was set up to cultivate interdisciplinary, multi disciplinary, strategic and innovative talents
In August for the first time through the South Devon railway products TUV international railway industry standard (IRIS) certification


In January, the railway product certification and certificate was obtained by CRCC
From March to July, Norway successively obtained CCS DNV Lloyd LR, Germany Lloyd GL, American Society of ABS, Italy, Victoria RINA Classification Society CCS BV, Kr KR and ClassNK NK eight classification societies certificate materials factory (including steel ingot and forging)


The February wind power bearing manufacturing process by Germanischer Lloyd GL MCC certification, the first sets of 5MW wind turbine yaw and pitch bearing delivery, marking the formal entry into the Chengdu Tianma offshore wind power market
Formally approved by China Classification Society (CCS) material factory (including billet and forged steel parts) in April


In November, Chengdu Tianma technology center was named "provincial technical center""
November 5MW wind power yaw and pitch bearing design through the TUV certification of the South


Sichuan was awarded the title of "hi tech enterprise" in July
In October, Kobelco built a first delivery excavator slewing bearings, marking the Chengdu Tianma into international engineering machinery industry


In October, the Ministry of Railways was awarded the first honor of the comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the new and overhauled railway bearing products
In December the first Vestas yaw ring delivery, marking the wind power bearing Chengdu Tianma began the process of internationalization


In March, Tianma shares were successfully listed on the A share market in Shenzhen (stock code "002122")
In May, the steel workshop was officially put into production, and Chengdu Tianma entered the field of special steel production
In July, the first set of yaw variable pitch bearings was delivered to Dongfang Electric Co., indicating that Chengdu Tianma wind power products have been recognized by users and realized the substitution of imports, and the company formally entered the green new energy industry


In January won the 2005 Chengdu industrial enterprises "fifty strong" glorious title
A new levy of 200 acres of land (Chengxiang plant), second precision large bearing (phi 430mm- phi 5000mm) construction projects
In May, the new industrial development zone of Qingbaijiang (Datong town) 250 acres of land, completed the construction of the third phase of the project
Chengdu is rated as a key advantage of enterprises, bank credit rating AAA
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