Chengdu Tianma railway bearings Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Tianma) is located in Chengdu District of Qingbaijiang City Industrial Development Zone, the Tianma bearing group Limited by Share Ltd wholly owned subsidiary, the restructuring of large and medium-sized Chengdu bearing group company - the original state was established in January 2002, registered capital of 600 million yuan, covers an area of 400 thousand square meters, employs 1800 people. The company is a private joint-stock company, Tianma bearing group Limited by Share Ltd in 2007 in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company (Pegasus shares 002122), owns Zhejiang Tianma, Chengdu Tianma, Beijing Tianma, Guizhou Tianma, Nanjing Tianma, Qiqihar Heavy CNC holding company, manufacturing enterprises are the first to have "material, bearing and equipment" three major industries the China bearing industry chain integration advantages. At present Chengdu Tianma bearing rail, wind turbine bearings and mechanical engineering materials, special slewing bearing for the four leading products. Has been widely used in rail transportation, wind power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, ports, motor, engineering machinery and military products and other fields. Chinese bearing is first in the industry have a "material bearing equipment" three industrial chain integration advantages of high-end manufacturing enterprises. The wind turbine bearings and rail bearing production and sales of the first in the country, and exported to more than 10 countries and regions worldwide, as international top quality!


Chengdu Tianma manufacturing 6 tons to the slewing bearings reached the international advanced level of technology of mechanical engineering 40 tons, are widely used in construction of excavators, cranes, port machinery, now has an annual output of 20 thousand sets of production capacity, large machinery manufacturing enterprises of international product supply, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Kobelco, Mani Tova J of the year, production and sales the industry has entered the top three.
Chengdu Tianma production of high quality alloy steel ingot the largest single weighing up to 40 tons, the special material bearing materials and production integration of the target, forming a special material of high purity bearing ability of the independent research and development. The annual output of 150 thousand tons of castings and forgings production capacity. In addition to the supply of its bearing production Tianma use, material supply, double Chinese Rexroth products India, PTL and other domestic and foreign companies.

Chengdu Tianma Railway Freight Bearing Manufacturing reached the international advanced level. At present, has 400 thousand sets of new bearings heavy railway wagon overhaul, bearing 150 thousand sets of annual production capacity, production and sales of the market share ranked first. Now the supply of Railway Corporation and railway depot, car factory; rail bearing has begun for the bulk of CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd production supply; high iron bearing research has also achieved initial results, the formation of production and equipment of high-speed rail transport system soon. In order to improve China's railway transportation capacity, promote the rapid development of the national economy has made outstanding contributions.
Chengdu Tianma manufacturing 2 MW to 6 MW wind power bearing, with the international advanced technical level, the domestic market ranked first. Wind power bearing production company to pitch bearing, yaw bearing, spindle bearing and gear box bearing. Now has an annual output of 16 thousand sets of production capacity, to achieve wind power bearing independent research and development, to break the foreign bearing companies on the market, the main supply of the United States GE, Denmark Vestas, SIEMENS, Goldwind, Chongqing sea equipment companies, domestic and foreign top users. Provide solutions for the world's top clean energy development and environmental protection.

Today, Chengdu Tianma railway bearings Co. Ltd., through the transformation and upgrading, technological innovation, entered the new stage and can not close, with a good reputation, railway bearing products and wind power bearing share in the domestic market ranked highest, exported to GE, Vestas, Siemens and other companies, to 2016, the annual sales income reached 1 billion 350 million yuan (of which exports amounted to 900 million yuan). At present, the company aims at rail transportation bearings and high-speed rail bearings, instead of imported bearings, to contribute to the country's construction.

Chengdu Tianma looks forward to the future and starts at the moment, and always insists on independent research and development, scientific and technological innovation, high-end manufacturing, harsh quality. With the height of the customer responsibility, global manufacturing first-class products, a strong impetus for the world's high-end machinery manufacturing industry, the world environmental protection and promoting the world economy sustained, healthy and rapid development has made outstanding contribution! The Chengdu Tianma development history, innovation has been the main impetus to the growth of the core is the basis of Tianma bearings can stand in an invincible position, the Tianma bearing (TMB) becomes the Chinese national industry brands in the world.